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Examiner to be guest on talk radio show

Radio tower on Lookout Mtn
Radio tower on Lookout Mtn
Billy Hathorn

Dear Loyal Reader,

Yours truly has accepted an invitation to appear on the Rob McNealy Program, a radio show broadcast worldwide on hosted by Rob McNealy, on Monday 28-FEB-2011.

On Thursday, Rob had former New Mexico governor, and recent CPAC bronze medalist Gary Johnson on the show to talk about potential spending cuts and the Drug War. Continuing the recent political bent, he has invited the Denver Libertarian Examiner to talk about some local and national issues from a libertarian angle.

McNealy was the Libertarian candidate for the CD6 seat this past election season and has indicated that he won't be running for public office any time soon. He is currently enjoying hosting the Rob McNealy Program and having productive dialogues with people coming from all different points of view on all kinds of topics.

He has done some informative shows on urban sustainability and approval voting, and has had guests like Gerald Celente on to talk about economic trends.

And because he is informed as to some of the unfortunate realities of the political class from his Congressional run, he is passing along some of that "inside baseball" to the voters in Denver and worldwide through He is reaching out to the Denver Libertarian Examiner to hear an atypical point of view on some pressing social issues.

I hope you'll join me on the Rob McNealy Program to hear an abstract and informed perspective on the root causes of problems facing families in Colorado and abroad.

Click here to listen live at 2PM MST Monday February 28th 2011, or here to check out the podcast.


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