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Examiner's New York Food & Drink featured on iEatGreen radio

iEat Green radio interview with NY Examiner Food & Drink curator & writer, author
iEat Green radio interview with NY Examiner Food & Drink curator & writer, author
Leeann Lavin

This Examiner was honored to have been a guest on the iEatGreen radio show recently to discuss the interesting, enduring story about authoring The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook; how the book came to fruition, what the selection process was for the chefs who are featured, along with the growers and food artisans who inspire them, the profiles and culinary narratives that make the Hamptons & LI Homegrown a cooking memoir as much as a straight-away cookbook.

And of course – since it’s all about the food and drink, -- there was talk about the recipes.

The host of iEatGreen is Bhavani Jaroff, a knowledgeable natural foods chef with more than thirty years’ experience cooking healthy fresh organic food, Bhavani is also a food activist and her radio show features thought leaders, talented professionals, educators and artists.

Here is an excerpt from Bhavani’s radio page for the Hamptons & LI Homegrown Cookbook.

iEat Green: An Interview with Leeann Lavin

The day after Christmas, I had the pleasure of interviewing Leeann Lavin, the author of, The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook. What I loved most about our conversation was learning about how she picked the chefs and the farms, and how the driving force behind the recipes was inspired by what was in season, and could be sourced locally. The cookbook can also be used as a guide to some of the best restaurants and sustainable farms and producers on the east end of Long Island. I look forward to following its path this summer! In the meantime, please click on the link below to listen to our interview.

Here is the preview, showcasing this Examiner’s Food & Drink culinary cred!

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