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Examiner Music Spotlight: Rapper Pistol Pat Releases EP “Game On Fire"

Pistol Pat
Pistol Pat
Pistol Pat

Memphis Tennessee’s own Pistol Pat is set to release his first solo EP since serving 18 years of a 20 year sentence for armed robbery in which the victim later passed away.

The one thing that helped him find himself and overcome his inner demons was his love for hip-hop. Drawing form his life experiences he tapped into his inner lyricism that made him so known in the underground rap scene and the prison system to begin to heal and transform himself into the man we know today as Pistol-Pat.

Pistol Pat’s Game on Fire is known to industry insiders as bringing the truth back into hip hop. “He lives what he raps about, he is what other rappers are trying to be” says Shyheim legendary member of the Wu-tang Clan.

With lyrics like , “ Way above all ya’ll so called rap kings, putting down my foot, and I’m stopping out your rap dreams, I am the game ya’ll some muthaF*c!n sunbeams” off Intro 2-DaMasses. Beats provided by J-Traxx , cleverly hosted by world Famous DJ Spade, and backed by the new Powerhouse of the industry Diamond Bag Entertainment his first release is destined to give Pistol Pat a true spot in this game for years to come.

Game on fire is a roller coaster of emotions that makes you rewind, and keeps you wanting more. Pistol Pat’s “Game On Fire” EP is available on