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Examiner Gaming Podcast Ep. 2 - Kingdom Hearts

In the second Examiner Gaming Podcast, Micah and I try to make sense of the Kingdom Hearts mythos, and predict the content of Kingdom Hearts III. Things become very confusing, very quickly.

Episode 2 of the Examiner Gaming Podcast all about Kingdom Hearts
Mike Salkin

We promise to stop bumping the mic.

Spoiler Alert: Podcast contains spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts Series


Mike Salkin (Milwaukee Console Examiner)
Micah Fortman

Games List:

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts: 356/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Yakuza 4
Final Fantasy XIV
X-Men Legends 2
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Batman: Arkham City

Link Dump:

Kingdom Hearts Plot

Xeanort Chart

Yakuza Reminiscence

Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening

Disney Owns Marvel & Star Wars

Ed Asner Voice Work

Kingdom Hearts Genie Voice


Patton Oswald is a Nerd

South Park Mickey Mouse

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