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Examiner exclusive interview with Sumo Cyco

Skye "Sever" Sweetnam at the Sumo Cyco merch tent in Toronto for Warped Tour 2014
Skye "Sever" Sweetnam at the Sumo Cyco merch tent in Toronto for Warped Tour 2014
Francesca Ludikar/Sumo Cyco official Facebook page

Last year we had the honor of interviewing then up and coming metal band Sumo Cyco and getting to know the band and what their goals were for 2013. After a very busy twelve month period we are lucky enough today to sit down with lead singer Skye “Sever” Sweetnam and have a catch up on the last year of our favorite Cycos and how things are going for them in 2014.

Examiner (Keith Ashley): Hi thanks for doing another interview with us! It’s been about a year since we last talked to Sumo Cyco, can you fill our readers in on what’s been happening and going on over these months?

Sever: Yes, lots of great stuff has been going on with the band. Since this time last year, we have been fortunate enough to win Indie Week Canada, tour the UK and Ireland and release our debut album 'Lost in Cyco City.' We are really stoked about the response we have been receiving from the record. We have also been continuing our tradition of making music videos for each song on 'Lost in Cyco City'. We have released videos for 'The Ugly and 'Go Go Go' next up is our track 'Cry Murder.'

Examiner: We know you’ve recently just had a tour of the UK and Ireland, how did that come about and how was it to get to tour Ireland and the United Kingdom?”

Sever: In October 2013 we played a festival called Indie Week where over 250 bands from across Canada compete to be crowned 'Indie Week Winners'. Part of the prize is to win an all-expenses paid trip to play Indie Week Ireland. Needless to say we were really excited we won, and were able to travel and play some wicked shows overseas. As a band we decided that we should capitalize on the opportunity and add some more tour dates in the UK. So with the great help from our fans via our Indie crowd funding campaign, we made it happen. We were there for almost a month played 13 shows and loved every moment of it!

Examiner: Wow that’s awesome! Congrats on the win! You just released “Lost in Cyco City” your debut CD, it has been very well received by the Cyco fans as we can see via Tweets and Instagram pictures, how did the album come about and how does it feel to have your debut album out?

Sever: Yes, although we've been a band for over three years, 'Lost in Cyco City' is our debut album. We originally released singles every few months and really liked the idea of the constant stream of content. But, with that said, we kept getting fans asking when our album was coming out. As much as we liked releasing single after single, we understand the system still supports the album. For instance, we couldn't find many people that review a bunch on singles, but they will review an album. We also understand that we can't get our music in stores unless we made an album. So we decided it was time to take the year to write and record this thing. It's really rewarding to finally get it out there. After working on it, coming up with a video concept that continues from video to video, we really fell back in love what the album idea. So everyone should check it out!

Examiner: What can we expect from Sumo Cyco for the rest of 2014? Any tours, new projects or anything you’d like the fans to know?

Sever: In Canada we are going to radio with a couple singles. We never considered ourselves a radio band, but we could be surprised. Not that we don't think the masses want to hear our stuff, but radio is hard to break unless you fit the mold of what the stations are looking for. You can be too heavy, too soft, too punk; too metal... we are curious to know if any stations will take a chance on us since we don't sound like what the modern rock stations are playing in Canada right now. Our newest single from the album is 'Cry Murder' we're working on the music video as we speak. Can't wait to show the Cycos what we are up to this time!

Examiner: Thanks for your time Sev, it’s always a pleasure interviewing you and getting to catch up with our favorite Cycos.

For all things Sumo Cyco please check out their official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and website. There you can find out any tour dates, information on upcoming singles and videos as well as any upcoming band projects. You can also check out Ms. Sweetnam’s personal Twitter page and Facebook page

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