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Examiner Exclusive: Indy Aldorlea: ‘Millennium’ is a different RPG

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At first glance, it may appear that independent RPG “Millennium” is geared towards the hardcore RPG fan. With an epic story and a slew of cool characters, it sounds like every other RPG you’ve ever played, right?

That’s not what Indy Aldorlea, creator of the series, told Examiner in an exclusive interview on Thursday. Penned with the thought to attract more than RPG-fiends, Aldorlea said “Millennium,” which is currently attempting to get green-lighted by Steam, is a game that everyone can enjoy.

“I wanted to write a tale with a universal message, the importance of not losing hope even when everything is against you,” Aldorlea told Examiner Thursday. “Marine, the heroine in the Millennium series, is poor, alone at first, and too fragile to do much on her own. But she has the virtues of courage, persistence, an incredible sense of hope and dedication, and little by little she is able to gather dedicated followers around her and fulfill her destiny.

“Unlike most RPG, Millennium is not about saving the world from an overpowered enemy, it's about finding a way for all people to live together in peace and harmony.

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