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See also: recognized with 2011 achievement award for news

Got News? Often at the conclusion of articles, I invite you: the professional ABQ/SF public to forward your items of interest here, since my audience--both local and national--is your engaged potential clientele. It is vast. And rather comprehensive; now our site is recognized as such.

Below you’ll find the transcript from Examiner’s ‘In The News’ blog regarding our latest kudos. Please note, inclusive in my personal consideration of the term “our kudos” is largely you, the reader, without whom this publication would not thrive. Writers and readers share an organic relationship; thus rest assuredly this credential is equally yours to enjoy:

The Interactive Media Council has awarded with the Outstanding Achievement in the News category in 2011. The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website content, design and development, honoring individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

“Our Examiners are what make this success possible,” said Jay Keller, Category Director of’s News and Politics content. “Whether it’s local elections, educational reform, or national breaking news, our Examiners continue to keep their communities informed with trusted accurate and complete news information that is relevant to their lives.”

Contributors from’s channel have been featured on numerous times on national outlets like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and numerous local networks and outlets as resources and experts for their insight and quality news content. Additionally, has had continued collaborations with the White House. In 2010 participated in a roundtable with White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Cecilia Munoz, and recently participated in an on-site panel discussion at the White House with Austan Goolsbee, the chief economist for the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. was also a key contributor of the White House Salute the Troops initiative in the fall.

“There continues to be a desire and thirst for local news and information and our writers have stepped up to fill that need,” said Keller. “Our Examiners have proven time and time again their skill in reporting and their nose for identifying the issues that are important to their readers. Congratulations to the entire news team, and also all Examiners, as this award echoes the amazing job you all are doing regardless of topic.” was also a recipient of the Standard of Excellence Award by the News Media Institute in 2010.

Launched in April of 2008,…has now expanded to 244 cities including six Canadian markets, and added its 70,000th contributor in March of 2011. At launch, had 2 million monthly unique visitors, and now averages over 20 million monthly.”

Therein, once we consider our existent customer, 80/20 rule, the city’s potential, 3 year growth goals, and the sheer power of consumer-friendly communications; this simple question begs repeating:

Got News?


GOT NEWS? Our editor welcomes your stories, queries, and contributions. Submit your newsworthy content to: with "Examiner news submission" in the subject line. All entries cannot be featured as article content: continued contributions increase probability of publication. Those that are selected will be contacted for information verification, and potential interviews.

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