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Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

E3 2014 was another memorable show for the gaming industry. Not only did we see some incredible reveals and surprises, but we were also given the chance to see more games at this show than we can ever remember.

E3 2014 saw the reveals of games like Bloodborne, Crackdown, Rainbow Six: Siege, Dead Island 2, Mass Effect and more. All year long, developers and publishers worked hard to deliver imaginative, engrossing presentations both at all four press conferences and at E3 booths, but there are only a select few that can win's Best of E3 2014 awards.

First,'s Best in Show award goes to Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is the third installment in the popular series and is undoubtedly the biggest iteration of all three games. With a multi-region, open-world being at players' disposal, Dragon Age: Inquisition could be providing the industry with one of the most immersive worlds we see all year, and it could even rival the next game we are going to talk about.

The winner for Best Sequel is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In what will probably shatter the record for biggest game world ever created, The Witcher 3 is the final chapter in the epic series. A quick scroll down of the in-game map will blow your mind, as it did ours. There was some stiff competition in this category, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is our choice for Best Sequel.

Gorgeous games are aplenty these days, however; the title that blew the rest of the competition away and won Best Visuals is Driveclub. It's easily the best looking racing game of all-time and it might even surpass any game in general. Driveclub will be looking to revolutionize the way players race and team up with friends online. Driveclub is stunning, detailed and takes home the award for Best Visuals.

With a new console cycle just in its early stages, new IPs are certainly a strong theme, but only one made itself standout above the rest, making Sunset Overdrive the winner of Best New Game. A wild, wacky third person, open-world shooter Sunset Overdrive is, and it's impossible to talk about new IPs and not have this game be one of the first you think of. New consoles and new franchises are in, but Sunset Overdrive is at the top of our E3 list for Best New Game.

Last but definitely not least, embracing the gaming community is such a crucial focus for games these days, and we wanted to recognize one game that embodied that more than any other. The winner of our Community Counts award is Destiny. With Bungie developing the game, it has been crystal clear from the start that they want to be involved with the community in an intense way. Other games embrace this too, but none more than Destiny.

E3 2014 was an incredible year and on behalf of, we'd all like to extend our warmest congratulations to every developer and publisher who showed off their work at E3 this year. It's clear the gaming industry has so much to look forward to this year and beyond. Let us know what game you thought was the best at E3 2014 in the comments below.

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