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Examine the meaning of life!

What do you think is the ultimate meaning of YOUR LIFE?

Are you living for money, fame or glamor, or are you living for honesty, jutice and integrity? You can be happy with just barely enough in the bank and somehow finding a way to enjoy the struggle. Or you can be miserable with millions and billions and maybe a lethal drug habit, and maybe feel suicidal because there is no challenge, or you have not taken the time to examine yourself.

You have two choices: God or the devil (the way of the world). Choose God.

God is trying so very hard to do the highest good work in the world. But this world is very stubborn. Wars, horrible crimes, hardships continue. . . It is up to us to make a change! Many people came before us, and many children will come after us. Are we living lives that will improve our world, thinking thoughts that will elevate our world, or will we only create more suffering? Only hand-in-hand with Mother/Father God can we effect positive change in our universe.

There's a very fine collection of people's thoughts on the meaning of life: The Real Meaning of Life, ed. by David Seaman.

Dave Brown says: ". . . Life is full of unexpected ups and downs. At times we all get caught up in the rigors of it. It is important to take a step back sometimes and see the humor in all our emotions and reactions to things. If we can just take that step back, then we can find the meaning in each situation and come closer to understanding the meaning of life.

Understanding the meaning of life comes from experiencing all that life has to offer. If you truly feel, truly love, truly hate, truly live, then you can begin to understand the purposes of your brain and the nature of things around you. Attempting to merely think out the meaning of life will get you nowhere. Your mind is not about to give away its secrets." (p. 20)

Larry Rogak says: ". . . The meaning of life lies in how you made the world different from the way you found it. It's simple. It's real. It's obvious. It does not depend on speculation or mysticism. It does not require belief in anything that can be proven.

Embrace this meaning, and let it inspire you to make your legacy positive. After you are gone, the impact you have had on others will be the meaning of your life." (p. 82)

R. Lindsay says: ". . . But you know what? Somewhere, at some time, some total stranger's words changed the way I saw my life. In fact, it happens all the time, doesn't it?

What is the meaning of life? I believe it is knowing that your words and ideas are powerful, and that they can make a difference. Maybe to someone, maybe to something, maybe somehow.

So what do we do with that?

Never, ever forget it.

Your words and ideas have the ability to help someone expand and grow and live and breathe and experience in a whole new way!

Imagine, a whole world full of people who are living and experiencing truly -- just because of something you said.

Keep talking, keep writing, keep dreaming.

You owe it to the world." (p. 91)

Here is a small snatch of meaning from my life:

Cat and Olive

Samantha is playing on the floor

with an olive

at five o'clock in the morning.

It makes her high like catnip.

She pushes it around with

her little black and white feet

and watches it roll.

She nuzzles it lovingly,

absorbing the odd flavor,

but she doesn't eat it.

She carries it in her

little mouth,

scampering merrily across the floor,

drops it,

rolls it,

picks it up again.

This is pure, true happiness.


Live life like you mean it, and all good things will come to you. Achieve what you can. Live while you can.

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