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Examine body language in Marci Rubin's upcoming art exhibition

Detail from one of Rubin's soft sculpture pieces.
Detail from one of Rubin's soft sculpture pieces.
copyright © 2011 marci rubin

The latest sculptures, installations and prints from award-winning Chicago artist Marci Rubin will be on view at Northwestern University, with two free events: an opening reception from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on January 4; and a 7:00 pm Artist Talk on January 23 where Rubin will discuss her artistic process, materials and more.

Entitled When the Body Speaks, the exhibition features soft sculptures that resemble human internal organs and external appendages. Created from flesh tone cotton and fabrics harvested from recycled women’s clothing, the works reflect structure and systems of the body’s skin, cells, organs, digestion and reproduction—all topics of interest to Rubin since she scanned the pages of anatomy and physiology textbooks in her youth while her mother studied to become a physical therapist.

Among the pieces to be exhibited in Evanston is Uterus, a large framed print Rubin made by cutting a piece of fruit in half, applying ink to it with a brush and stamping it directly onto a hot pressed paper. The artist admits she’s partial to using tomatoes, apples, kiwis and oranges because they create the best shapes and textures and create symbols of cellular cycles, phases or generation.

“My interest in the body is inspired by literally being a body,” explains Rubin, who still keeps a few anatomy books on hand at her studio, located in the Bridgeport Art Center where she is active in the arts community.

When the Body Speaks runs from January 4 to February 5, 2012 at the Dittmar Memorial Gallery, located on the first floor of Norris University Center on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus. The gallery is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily for the duration of the show.

For information, call the Dittmar Gallery at 847-491-2348 and Norris University Center at 847-491-2300; or visit and


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