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'Ex-Wives of Rock' Athena Kottak and Bobbie Brown get daring for charity

The cast of the Canadian reality TV series 'Ex-Wives of Rock.'
The cast of the Canadian reality TV series 'Ex-Wives of Rock.'
Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan

You know and love them from Ex-Wives of Rock, and they just got even more awesome. Athena Kottak and Bobbie Brown are raising money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital - by Athena using the website Darelicious to dare Bobbie to do a stand-up comedy set at The Laugh Factory. Last week, we sat down with Athena and Bobbie to discuss their unique fundraising idea and why St. Jude's is their cause of choice.

"Bobbie's funny," enthused Athena, explaining how she came up with the idea for the campaign. "Everybody has been telling her for a while to do some stand-up, and she will not do it. I just thought what, a cool way to do it and raise some money. It's the only way she was going to do it anyway!"

But surely she told Bobbie before she volunteered her for this, right? "She didn't," Bobbie revealed. "She basically did it on the spot. She invited me to this place and said 'Okay, sit here,' and then she started the video and started going into her thing and I was like 'Is this a joke?'...In the middle [of it] I'm like 'Oh, great, I can't back out of it because it's for a good cause.' I'm freaking out about it every single day."

In all seriousness, St. Jude's is a charity that's near and dear to Athena's heart. During her own battle with breast cancer, she was moved by seeing children who were also fighting the disease, often having to go through parts of this tremendously difficult time by themselves. So when she heard that St. Jude's supports childhood cancer patients and their loved ones, she got behind the cause immediately.

"This is one of the few programs where families can live together while they get cancer treatment," she told us. "But they do research too. It's one of the only programs I know where they do all this stuff. It's awesome. I can't really say enough about it."

She's set a goal to raise $2,500 for St. Jude's, and right now the pledged total stands at $941. If you're interested in raising that number, follow the link at the bottom of this article.

In addition to their charity work, the ladies are also in the middle of filming the next season of Ex-Wives of Rock, which airs on cable channel Slice in Canada and Fuse in the United States. We asked them how reality TV celebrity compares to being part of the music world.

"We're from here, so it's not really weird," Athena said. "Everybody already knows us."

"But when we go to Canada or something, it's like mayhem," laughed Bobbie. "It's kind of crazy. People are like 'Can I touch you?' and We're like 'Why? Why would you want to do that?' Because the show's been number one for every season in Canada."

"I wish it were bigger here," Athena added. "If I wasn't in it, I would watch it."

And she does watch it, because everything you see comes together organically. "It's not scripted, so when something happens you just tell [the production team] and they come and film it," she explained. "We don't even know what each other is doing some of the time. We sit and watch the show and just go 'You did that?'"

"It's a whole new element of like our lives, but it's been such a great experience for Athena and I both," Bobbi continued. "We are really proud of it, because we don't deny the audience anything that we are going through. We're very honest and self-deprecating with everything that we do."

"We've already known each other rwenty years," laughed Athena. "You can't get away with anything."

Unless you're doing something awesome like being willing to embarrass yourself to raise money for a wonderful charity, that is.

If you want to contribute to the cause, you've got seven days left to visit the ladies' Darelicious campaign page and pledge. You can also find Athena and Bobbie on Twitter (@AthenaKottak and @BobbieJeanBrown respectively).

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