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Ex-Uncharted creative director joins Visceral Games in new Star Wars project

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Last month, internal drama within Naughty Dog Studio's led to the departure of one of their lead directors; Amy Hennig. Although the reasoning for her departure is still met with some mystery, rumor and conflict, the fact remains that Naughty Dog lost on of the key components to the success of their "Uncharted" series.

Today, Amy Hennig announced some surprising, and quite frankly fantastic news as she is now apart of Visceral Games as Creative Director on a new Star Wars project. This is quite shocking news, and can only mean good things for Star Wars fans hoping Visceral comes through with proper Star Wars installment.

Amy Hennig has also announced that she will be working along side old co-worker Steve Papoutsis, and is proud to be back with the company that started her career back in 1991; EA.

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