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Ex-Steelers, Cardinals Mendenhall to retire; His 'vision' on moving forward

A man with a 'vision'
A man with a 'vision'

Ex-Steelers, Cardinals running back, Rashard Mendenhall, announced to his team over the weekend, that he is retiring after 6 seasons in the NFL. According to Before It’s News report on March 9, Mendenhall played his last season for the Cardinals and it “appears that will be the final season of his career.”

Mendenhall previously hinted at the possibility of retirement in a blog post he wrote in February 2014, for The Huffington Post titled “The Vision,” after an ACL injury. Below is an excerpt of his blog post.

“A little more than two years ago, while sitting still on my couch in Pittsburgh, I saw something very clearly. Some people would call it a vision. I could see myself swimming in a large body of water, most likely an ocean. It was very late at night, remote from any shores and the waters were far from steady. It was not a comfortable place to be. Such a circumstance would seem to be very dangerous, or at least frightful; however as I watched myself journey those dark waters, for some reason, I knew I'd be okay. Deep down inside, I knew I was protected.

I was moving towards something, that I could barely see in the distance. I would have to work hard to get there. There was no way I could stay where I was and survive, nor did I want to. Getting there would be anything but easy. But it would ultimately be worth it.

What I saw in the distance was a statue of the "Blessed Mother.”

Ironically, Mendenhall says he did not grow up Catholic, and really doesn’t know much about the Blessed Mother. What he does know is how he felt when he saw her, and that was a “great feeling of love, warmth, safety and peace.”

Mendenhall seemed to view his troubled journey as over, and along with his new found peace is ready to, “Embark on a new voyage, hardened from the experience, and no longer alone, but with light by my side,” and “Eagerly looking to a new way, which lies ahead.”

In yesterday’s March 9, Huffington Post Mendenhall writes,“Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed my time in the NFL and have had tons of fun,” and when asked what he plans to do now, his answer, “I plan to LIVE!"

Hopefully his future plans continue to include the "great feeling of love, warmth, safety and peace," the light by his side, and the Blessed Mother always in his distant sight.

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