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Ex-soldier tortures and murders daughter Hawaii's first death penalty trial

Killer Couple:  Naeem and Delilah Williams, beat, tortured and murdered 5-year-old-child.
Killer Couple: Naeem and Delilah Williams, beat, tortured and murdered 5-year-old-child.

Naeem Williams of South Carolina, is on trial for the murder of his 5-year-old daughter, Talia Williams, who was described as a special needs child. She was killed on July 16, 2005.

Ex-soldier tortures and murders daughter Hawaii's first death penalty trial

The evidence against Williams is insurmountable, showing a prolonged ritualistic pattern of abuse, neglect and torture of the child over a seven month period, until the child's inevitable death.

Williams himself now faces death, as he faces the death penalty in the case. Even though Hawaii abolished capital punishment over 55-years ago.

His prolonged beatings, heinous torturing and daily assaults against his five-year-old daughter, can only be described as cruel, sadistic, inhuman and ruthless.

Williams' acts against his child were so diabolical that he is being tried in the federal justice system, where executions are allowed.

A key witness in the case is Williams' wife, and Stepmother to the child, Delilah Williams. Delilah Williams of her own admission, allowed and joined in on the regular abuse and torture of the child. However, the fatal blows killing the child were administered by the little girl's father.

According to the Washington Post, "Delilah Williams pleaded guilty in a deal with Prosecutors to testify against the former soldier in exchange for a flat 20-year sentence." Williams will provide a “firsthand account of abuse.”

Naeem Williams was in active-service for the Army at the time of the child's death. He and his wife went to great lengths to hide the child's scars and pulled her out of school at one point do to fear of being discovered and arrested.

A recent report by Huffington Post provides some of the details of Delilah Williams' court testimony. Please be advised that the details are graphic and disturbing.

"Delilah Williams said Naeem Williams bound the girl to a bedpost with duct tape before beating her with a belt. In one of those taping incidents, she said, she recalled the child having a "pleading look."

The stepmother said she attempted the taping routine once herself but found it wasn't effective because the girl was still able to squirm around.

"It required too much effort, also, so I decided not to do it again," she said.

She said that she and the father repeatedly cursed at Talia, called her names and hit her almost daily.

Williams said she came home from work that day and saw that Talia had wet herself.

"I started stomping on her," she said. "I just continued stomping on her until it felt like a bone cracked under my foot and she defecated on herself."

She forced the child to sit on a toilet and pushed on her stomach so hard that a toilet pipe broke, causing a leak. She said she then grabbed Talia by the hair and slammed her head against a wall."

"I left to get my nails done," she said.

It wasn't the first time she grabbed the child by the hair, she said, describing a time when she pulled Talia by the hair at the top of her head because she was slow going up the stairs. "A big chunk of her hair" came out, she said.

She also described another incident when her husband punched the child in the stomach for eating a doughnut. The girl wasn't allowed to go downstairs to eat while she was home alone, Delilah Williams said. The trial continues.

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