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Ex RHONJ Castmate Kim Granatell Sounds Off On Teresa And Joe Giudice's Plea Deal

Real Housewives Of N.J. Star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe plead guilty this week to multiple counts of fraud and their arch nemesis Kim Granatell is slamming the couple, saying ''I definitely think they're criminals. And actually I think they're that way because they don't know any other way. So that's been their way of life for how many years? Now they just got caught. "

I caught up with Kim G yesterday morning after her Pilates class and says that she doesn't feel they got what they deserved in the plea deal. "I don't think they got what they deserved. I think they should've gotten more. 39 counts and they're down to what, 4? Now we're remorseful? We better be remorseful cuz we know we're going to jail!"

Watch the video for more of Kim's candid thoughts on Teresa and Joe

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