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Ex-nanny says Kate Gosselin spanked one of her sons

Kate Gosselin promotes the new book 'Love Is In The Mix: Making Meals Into Memories With Family-Friendly Recipes, Tips And Traditions' at Barnes & Noble Staten Island on September 24, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

An ex-nanny has made several explosive claims about Kate Gosselin, with the worst one perhaps being that she resorts to physical punishment to teach her kids a lesson. In an interview with E! News, a former nanny who used to work for the famous mom said she witnessed Kate spanking one of her sons.

The nanny said that she saw Kate spank Colin, who was more rambunctious and got in trouble more than his siblings, with a plastic spoon in front of his brothers and sisters. The physical punishment made the nanny uncomfortable and is what prompted her to ultimately quit. It's not clear whether the ex-nanny saw the spanking happen more than once. She also didn't say how big of a spoon and how much force was used.

Other forms of punishment included manual labor. The ex-nanny said that when the boys got in trouble, they were forced to go outside and pull weeds from their giant yard.

According to the ex-nanny, Kate's employees were subject to many questionable rules as well. The ex-nanny said that they were even instructed to listen in when the children talked on the phone with their dad, Jon Gosselin. While the ex-nanny didn't clarify what the purpose of the eavesdropping was, one can probably assume that Kate, if she really did make such an order, wanted to be told about any conversations that may be of interest to her.

The ex-nanny added that while Kate always told her employees that she had no problem with the kids having a relationship with their dad, it didn't really ring true based on her actions. At least Kate didn't have such a problem with Jon that she didn't let her children watch him on TV. The ex-nanny revealed that one of the kids' favorite shows to watch before bed was "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

So far, Kate Gosselin has not responded to the claims. On her Twitter account, she depicts a fun family life full of laughter and closeness. Just last week, she tweeted about a happy summer day filled with swimming, relaxation and reading. She ended the tweet with the hashtag "#We'reHavingSoMuchFun." The ex-nanny, for one, certainly doesn't think that the Gosselin household was much fun when she was working there!

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