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Ex-Guntersville High School soccer coach Barrow faces more sexual abuse charges

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Wednesday, volunteer Guntersville High School girls soccer coach David Barrow was accused in a Madison County court of using a Caucasian woman to ask members of the Grissom High School girls’ swim team if they would like to model to earn extra money. The woman allegedly approached the girls at the YMCA on Weatherly Road in south Huntsville.

In Marshall County, initial charges filed against Barrow in May 2014 including two counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12 and two counts of human trafficking. The trafficking charges stem from complaints that Barrow paid to have the children taken to his home in Huntsville for the purpose of engaging the girls in "sexual servitude." Barrow’s bond is set at $2.5 million.

Barrow now faces over 20 additional charges, filed Aug. 13, The new charges include production of child pornography, possession of child pornography, and aggravated criminal surveillance. According to the Marshall County district attorney, Steve Marshall, more warrants were filed after computers and other storage items taken from Barrow's home yielded video and photos of children under 17 in various states of undress. Marshall stated, "it appears none of the people involved had knowledge they were being imaged.”

National Children’s’ Advocacy Center Inspector, William McDonald, testified at Griffin's hearing that he had witnessed Barrow at the YMCA with a white female at the same time the Grissom swim team was present. YMCA staff escorted Barrow and his companion from the premises.McDonald said that incidents of sexual abuse and videoing the children by Barrow took place in three seperate locations in south Huntsville. In Madison County, Barrow already faces three counts of first-degree sexual assault, three counts of first-degree human trafficking and one count of first-degree sodomy filed in June 2014.

Assistant district attorney for Madison County, Tim Gann, disclosed that this information was first revealed at the preliminary hearing of Barrow’s alleged accomplice Kristian Danette Griffin in a Marshall county case earlier that day. Griffin, who is not the same woman who approached the Grissom swim team, had previously made a similar modeling offers to two 10 year-old girls (including her own daughter) and then transported them to Barrow’s home. ADA Gann says an interview with the Caucasian woman seen with Barrow at the YMCA is being arranged; it is not yet known if charges will be filed against her.