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Ex-Dora pursuing music career?

Ex-Dora the Explorer voice Caitlin Sanchez's headshot.
Ex-Dora the Explorer voice Caitlin Sanchez's headshot.
Copyright Caitlin Sanchez.

Ex-Dora has music career ambitions: On the red carpet of the 2010 Imagen Awards, Caitlin Sanchez was already plotting her life, post-Dora.

Talking with The Fashion Patrol (see the 10:45 mark), the freshly former voice of Dora the Explorer mentions to the interviewer her plans to pursue both acting and music careers.

Sanchez recently filed a lawsuit against Nickelodeon and its parent companies, claiming they forced her to tour the continent with little pay, and that she's hasn't received money for royalties and merchandise.

On internet talk show Clevver, she also listed Julliard School as a goal.

Avoiding questions also up her alley

She might also consider a political career, deftly avoiding a question.

Asked about how her Dora sounded different than the previous voice actress' portrayal, after a series of clarifications, she replied: “Well, yeah, when I talk normally, I sound like a normal 14-year-old, and when I change my voice, I kinda sound like little seven year old Dora. And, yeah.”


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