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Baby found on Georgia highway: Mother explains how baby 'got loose' on video

Ex-con finds baby crawling alongside of highway in Georgia, he stays with her and plays gospel music on his cell phone to comfort the crying baby.
Ex-con finds baby crawling alongside of highway in Georgia, he stays with her and plays gospel music on his cell phone to comfort the crying baby.
YouTube screen shot/ 11 Alive News

Police have arrested Timothy Pickens after his baby daughter was found crawling along Highway 72 in Georgia. An automotive repairman on his way to help a stranded motorist spotted the 15-month-old crawling along the side of the highway and stopped, according to NBC News on June 17.

How did this baby girl crawl almost a quarter of a mile away from home through woods and end up on a busy highway and no one knew she was missing? Apparently the father had left older siblings in charge of watching the baby and they didn't notice that she was gone.

The man who found the baby, Bryant Collins, was stunned and took a double-take when first spotting the little girl. Police say not only did the baby crawl all that way, but she had to have fallen down a tall embankment to end up on the highway, reports USA Today.

Collins scooped the little girl up and called 911, the phone call from this Georgia man simply started out as "A baby's on the highway." The baby was crying so Collins played her gospel music from his cell phone to calm her down and that worked.

He stayed with the baby for two hours along the highway as police searched for her parents. Collin, who had done 10 years of hard time in federal prison for cocaine manufacturing has been out of jail for five years and clean. He has turned his life around.

Finding this baby made him feel that he did something good when for a good portion of his life his choices were not so good. The baby suffered bug bites and superficial scratches, but she was fine.

Officers were checking out the child when her father showed up. According to the police, he started scuffling with officers and was arrested on the spot. It is unclear if both parents or just the father will face charges in this case.

The mom of the baby later spoke with the media saying "we're not bad parents." They have four children who are "all loved and well taken care of." The mom said thank you from the bottom of her heart to the "gentleman" that found their baby. He is "our angel," she said.

The baby's three big brothers were in the house with her while she was asleep. The parents were outside sorting out some aluminum cans and when they came back in the house they saw that one of the kids left the front door open and the mom said that is how "she got loose." This seemed to be an odd way of putting it.

When they noticed the baby was gone they frantically ran around the yard and in the woods calling to her. When they couldn't find her they called 911 and the dispatcher said that a child has been found. The father said to the dispatcher "if she has curly red hair she is ours."

The father then spoke on camera and said that they were home when this happened, just out in the yard. He also said that his daughter wasn't gone long before they knew she was missing and started their frantic hunt for the child. Both parents thanked the "man who found her" profusely throughout their interview with NBC News. You can see the interview in the above video.

As for Collins, he is being called a hero today and there is one little girl in Georgia who is very lucky he turned his life around and was going to work when she stumbled onto the highway!

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