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Ex-con saves baby: Baby crawling on Georgia highway saved by addict turned hero

Ex-con saves baby: Baby crawling on Georgia highway saved by addict turned hero
Ex-con saves baby: Baby crawling on Georgia highway saved by addict turned hero
Wikimedia Commons

An ex-con driving along a busy Georgia highway last Friday saved a baby. Shocked to see an infant crawling around in a grassy section on the highway’s shoulder, the ex-con is being hailed as a hero. Bryant Collins saw what appeared to be a baby out of the corner of his eye as he was driving along Highway 72 in Carlton, slowed down, stopped and found a 15-month old infant nearly in the street.

The infant had made quite a journey, crawling over 300 yards from her parent’s home, through a sloped wooded area, and ended up only a few feet from where traffic was zipping by.

Collins, who disclosed that he himself has been through quite a bit in life, was happy that he was there at the right place and time to rescue the little girl.

“I've been in a lot of bad situations,” Collins said to 11 Alive out of Atlanta. “I had seen something out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was a baby. I just stopped and, when I got out, there was a baby… almost in the highway.”

The self-admitted former drug addict called it a miracle – not that he was there to rescue the infant, but that she had crawled all that way without getting seriously injured.

Madison County sheriff Kip Thomas agreed.

“Honestly that's almost a miracle,” Thomas said. “That a 15-month-old can go that far from her house, into the woods, fall down an embankment, wind up near a major highway, and really not get hurt that bad?”

Collins, an auto mechanic, said he stayed with the baby for approximately two hours while police searched for the parents.

The Inquisitr carried a photo of Collins holding the curly-haired girl.

“The baby started crying,” Collins said, “so I turned my phone on and let her listen to some gospel music, and she calmed right down.”

The reformed man spoke of his past, and the changes he made: “I did ten years in the federal institution for manufacturing cocaine. When I was in prison, I made a very conscientious effort to change, and I did.”

The little girl whom he saved, one day, will also be equally happy Collins changed and was there, to literally hold her life in his hands.

ABC News said that authorities were told by the girl’s mother that she and her husband “left the house and their other children, ages 13, 9 and 5, were supposed to be watching the baby.”

The father, identified as 37-year-old Timothy Pickens, “approached while deputies were investigating and was arrested after a scuffle,” reported ABC. Pickens was charged with child cruelty, reckless conduct and obstruction.

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