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Ex-caregiver who pleaded guilty to abusing seniors gets bail pending sentencing

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A former caregiver in her 50s who pleaded guilty to assaulting and abusing seniors at a South Shore St. Lambert long term care facility has been granted bail while she awaits sentencing.

Immacula Eugène, looking distraught and clutching a tissue, tearfully answered, "Yes" when Judge Ellen Paré asked if she understood and agreed to respect a raft of bail conditions.

Eugène was released on a $15,000 cash deposit, plus over a dozen bail conditions, such as living with her sister, checking in with police once a week, and most importantly, not being able to work in a healthcare institution or other place where she may be in contact with seniors or other people in a vulnerable state.

Crown prosecutor Suzanne Hébert said she agreed to Eugène's release because of the strict bail conditions they agreed upon.

Eugène admitted to abusing five seniors at the Saint-Lambert-sur-le-Golf CHSLD nursing home, the crimes dating back to July 2013. She administered medication to two of them when she didn't have the authority and she assaulted four others: hitting one in the head with a pillow, spitting in the face of another, and grabbing the arms of others. All the residents were in their 80s.

Eugène returns to Longueuil court in mid-July for pre-sentencing arguments. The maximum sentence for these types of crimes is a two year prison term. Eugène had been detained since she was arrested two and a half months ago.

Her co-accused in the case, also out on bail, is back in court next month on lesser charges.