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EVTN - Enviro Voraxial Technology: Oil Spill Clean-up Technology Overlooked... Why?



  • T. Hopkins 5 years ago

    I have not looked at the drawings of the equipment closely, however, the technology that is being demonstrated, I believe, is far from new. Actually we see similar devices all around us. The "bag-less" vacuum cleaner uses this technology to separate the more dense dirt particles from the less dense air. You can see cyclone filtration equipment on the roofs of many factories that does the same thing. The drawing I saw reminds me of a device called a hydroclone that an engineer friend tried to get me to use on a project I worked on in the past. Heck it is also similar to the technology Iran is using to enrich their uranium. The technology is not new.

    I do think it has utility when put in the right place. To work as people wish it to would require one to pass all of the contaminated water through the system. I do not know the flow rate of the device but I am willing to bet it would require just short of eternity to do the complete clean-up with these devices.

  • T. Hopkins 5 years ago

    I did a little math. One big Voraxial machine at 3500 gallons per minute would require approximately 350,000,000 years to filter the volume of the Gulf of Mexico. Even if only 1% needed to be cleaned and you could route only that water to the machine it would require about 3,500,000 years. Put 35 on the job and you will only need 100,000 years.

  • ElleSolution 5 years ago

    Thank you! Excellent article on Enviro Voraxial Technology. I hope this begins to open some eyes and checkbooks at the government level to start using the voraxial separator.
    There are letters of endorsement from many purchasers of EVTN's technology at the end of this page: evtn case studies. I can't post a link.
    Costner said he was frustrated at the lack of response to his separator over the last 15 years and he has movie star exposure. It has taken this horrific oil spill to bring EVTN into the spotlight.
    T. Hopkins if you are not going to take the time and examine the case-studies or the voraxial flow rate then why post a comment with no research first? You can phone Donald St_its at the Ventura Naval Base Fuel Division and ask him why he recommends it.
    T. Hopkins quote, "I do not know the flow rate of the device but I am willing to bet it would require just short of eternity to do the complete clean-up with these devices."

    How much are you willing to bet?

  • maconyop 5 years ago

    Responding to T. Hopkins, EVTN's separator is, according to their website, the subject of patented technology. I'll bet it's the technology that makes it possible to process 3500 gallons a minute, which is why the above article raises the question why isn't EVTN's technology at hand to deal with the problem, since it is so much better than Kostner's. Moreover, if instead of the volume of the entire Gulf, the basis of your analysis was the rate at which the broken well head is releasing oil into the Gulf, then the utility of a machine like EVTN's becomes a lot more apparent, since a 3500 Gal/minute separator would have been more than up to the job of separating the oil from the water as fast as it was pouring into the water, eliminating thereby the risk of ecological disaster.

  • brian 5 years ago

    actually, w/ one unit at the site of the spill, it could cover the 2.5 MM gallons per day that are leaking out easily...of course the technology isn't precise enough (nor is any made) to isolate the oil as it flows out and suction in the exact 5 MM gallons per day that need to be filtered, so four to eight OSV's surrounding the diameter of the spill could stop the leak from spreading outside the general spill area.

    Now for the spill that has already been dispersed around the GOM, much of it has been contained to a general area and equates to 0.00000003 % of the volume of the GOM water. Based on the efficiency of the machine, the oil/water contact area and the inefficiency in collections, I come up with 120 machines around the spill site working for 30 days to clean up ~96% of the oil spiilled.

    Hope this helps T. Hopkines...and I do not work for the company BTW.

  • Michael Fox 5 years ago


    Latitude Solutions Inc & Laurino Consulting Group

    Recognizing the magnitude of the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ,LSI / Latitude Clean Tech Group has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Laurino Consulting Group. Dante Laurino, CEO of Laurino Consulting Group also serves the nation as a volunteer, as Assistant National Commodore of the Readiness-Support Group of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Together we will provide a comprehensive plan to deal with the Gulf disaster. Our approach will use the Company's core technology in both small and large scale configurations. The small scale configuration will be used for hard to reach marsh and shallow wetlands, while the large capacity unit will be utilized to process the huge volume of oil-polluted water currently moving on shore throughout the Gulf. We plan to become an important contributor to resolving this unprecedented ecological event.

  • clnthegulf 5 years ago

    T. hopkins - you should do your homework before posting comments. The technology was developed over 40 years ago and has been used by the US Navy as well as the State of Alaska for years. It is not a hydroclone or a centrifuge - it is a voraxial separator. The technology was patented long before "bag-less" vacuum cleaners...

  • Annie 5 years ago

    I have repeatedly sent questions and comments to CNN, Anderson Cooper, CNBC, Jim Kramer, and Larry King asking this exact question. Why do they repeatedly comment on Kevin Costner's machine/equipment without making a point to compare the alternative oil/water separation devices that are more effecient and far superior? I have sent at least 10 emails to date. Interestingly, I haven't received a single reply. I stated that it would be remiss (and biased) to not at least mention that other technology exists, especially when the alternatives (EVTN/ESPH) are superior by a longshot. This irritates me to no end....the bias of the press. On Tues night of this week, there is supposed to be a CNN special on Costner's device. What a joke? Why not have a special on ALL the options of this kind? With due respect to Costner, his perserverence deserves some credit, but the media/press isn't doing much to ensure unbiased coverage of all the options....especially the best ones. Unbelievable!!!

  • Annie 5 years ago

    And more importantly....what the H*** is BP and the US gov waiting for? Since BP isn't getting the cleanup organized, then the US gov should initiate the contracts and send the bills along to BP. Someone do something, for heaven's sake. It's pathetic.

  • ElleSolution 5 years ago

    Annie, I feel your pain and I thank you for your exhaustive letter writing campaign. Something, some comment must have reached Michael Cerkas who was inspired to dig deeper into alternative solutions namely the voraxial separator and to write this comparative article. Let's hope that decision makers begin to "get it." Readers can help by forwarding this article to friends and clicking the facebook and twitter icons at the top - I did!

  • ElleSolution 5 years ago

    There has been some controversy about whether or not EcoSphere is using a Voraxial separator in their turnkey separation unit. I just saw a video that has the voraxial name engraved into the separation device--- At 2:35 it says VORAXIAL in yellow on the EcoSphere machine 3:40 is evtn and its COO John Dibella

    one needs to add the w w w . at the beginning.

  • Mark Wolfe 5 years ago

    EVTN -Why are they not on the Gulf yet ?

  • Mark Wolfe 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

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  • Marinessa 4 years ago


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