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EVP specialist and inventor of the ghost box device dies

Frank Sumption died on August 17, 2014
Frank Sumption died on August 17, 2014
Photo courtesy of Facebook

EVP enthusiast and inventor Frank Sumption died this week. According to a report from the Huffington Post on Tuesday, the inventor had a heart attack on Sunday. Sumption created the instrumental trans-communication device known as the "Frank's Box" or ghost box that is used to communicate with spirits or aliens.

Frank Sumption suffered a heart attack on Sunday and died in his home in Littleton, Colorado. Sumption was well-known in the paranormal community for creating the "Frank's Box" in 2002. "Frank's Box" or the ghost box is a controversial communication device that allegedly lets the user communicate to spirits or inter-dimensional beings in real time.

Sumption claimed that he received instructions to design the device from another dimension or the spirit world. The "Frank's Box" is a modified AM radio that scans through radio stations that generates split-second bits of audio. Between each snippet of sound, a white noise generator activates.

Although Sumption only created 180 of the devices, it ultimately made an impact in the paranormal community and led to the popular ghost box craze that is going on today. A genuine "Frank's Box" is hard to find but nearly every ghost hunter has a newer version of the ghost box in their kit.

Paranormal investigators use similar ghost boxes today to communicate with ghosts by capturing electromagnetic voice phenomena in real time. Skeptics of the device insist that any voices or phrases from the device are merely coincidental and are subjective because it relies on radio frequencies.

A memorial service for Sumption will be on Saturday, August 23, at 1 pm at the Drinkwine Chapel in Littleton, Colorado. A memorial fund has been established for Sumption's family. Funds can be deposited at any Chase Bank into account number 3011080321, made out to Norma or Chad Sumption.

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