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Evolving Faith

Jesus spoke of great faith, little faith and the Bible speaks of adding to our faith. I am living out another facet of faith, evolving faith.

In the terrible 'E' word, Evolution, just when a species is on the edge of extinction, it evolves. It makes the necessary changes in order to survive. It is similar to what it was before, but just a bit different and it can go on living.

Faith gets challenged by life events. It takes hits. Believers who have not faced major life tragedies just can't comprehend what I mean. They still have the privilege of floating through Christianity with the feeling that all is well and there's no bad stuff. They, in my opinion, have yet to fully form Christ in them, for crucifixion is anything but well. It is bad, very bad.

Jesus suffered. Jesus wept. Jesus was angry yet without sin. Jesus flipped table. Jesus called people names yet without sin. Jesus was tempted. Jesus was abandoned. People told lies about Jesus. Friends let Jesus down. This is life on this planet, even if you are the Son of God.

So, although I have obviously not gone through anything as horrible as crucifixion, there are Christians today who are being crucified for their faith and God is not stopping it. Pie in the sky Christians with their rose colored glasses need to understand that the world hated Jesus and they hate us too. Faith gets challenged.

If the challenge becomes personal enough, we come to an extinction point. It is a point where the faith we've had in the past needs an adjustment to keep going. It must evolve. I must decide since all these bad things happen and God seems not to intervene, will I continue to believe or give it up?

When faith has too horrible of an experience to continue on it's current course, it has to toughen up. Yes, healing is provided through Christ. Guess what. Not everyone is healed. Deliverance is available. Guess what. Some people are still martyred. Yes provision is provided to meet needs. Guess what. There are still homeless, broke Christians and starving Christians. What does your faith say?

How will your faith fair through the death of your child or your spouse? If you lose everything, what will your faith look like then?

Is this article bringing you down? That gives you an idea of how well your faith will do in adversity. Could you be a slave in Egypt and still believe? Could you believe in the bottom of a den of lions?

When faith evolves and finds a way to survive, there will still be Christians around you waving flags, laying on the floor, dancing, clapping while you are still reeling. I hope they never experience an event that forces their faith to evolve. Let them play on.

As for me and me alone since I am widowed, I will serve the Lord. I will just tenaciously serve the Lord. But don't be surprised if I look at things a little differently now.

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