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Evolve trailer reveals engine, hands-on impressions discussed by several outlets

Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Left 4 Dead and the highly anticipated Evolve, have released the game's first trailer. The quick look shows off the monster featured in one mission, as well as hunters tasked with bringing it down, all set to a brilliant cover of Danzig's "Mother".

Evolve trailer shows of Cryengine, hunters, hunted, and more
Evolve trailer shows of Cryengine, hunters, hunted, and more (image courtesy of 2K)

The trailer, titled "Happy Hunting", shows off an incredible amount of ambiance within the game world, as the players descend on a dark yet lush jungle area to capture their prize. Important to note is that the trailer itself is not necessarily gameplay footage, but is rendered in the always gorgeous Cryengine.

Multiple outlets have reported hands-on with the title as well, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Adam Sessler, of Rev3games said of Evolve in a video preview,

"I really enjoyed myself playing it. I always enjoyed playing the Left 4 Dead series, and this took that foundation of really having to be cooperative with your friends and that sense of surprise and it felt even more organic."

Sessler continues to describe the environment in Evolve by detailing that the AI in the game controls some of the natural fauna of the world, getting in the way of the hunters and feeding the player controlled "boss" monster. This feeding results in the monster becoming more powerful and stronger, and in turn, more of a threat to the hunters. Sessler commented,

Really what it is, is the most intense game of hide and seek you can imagine playing.

Sessler also revealed a few cool tools the hunters have at their disposal, including a hook to fire at the beast to keep it in place, and a type of device that deploys a dome, trapping both hunters and the monster in a confined area for a short amount of time. An interesting comparison that Sessler makes is that the game is like a great Ghostbusters game, and gameplay reveals the comparison is spot on.

Other outlets such as Gamespot and Destructoid in addition to Rev3 scored interviews with the development staff reinforcing such details as drop in/drop out multiplayer, offline play, and classes to expect throughout the experience.

Evolve currently does not have a release date but will be coming out for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as getting a proper PC release. Check out the video at the top of the article to get the Gamespot point of view too.

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