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'Evolve' trailer doesn't have gameplay but does have 'Mother'

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games released a new trailer Tuesday for it's upcoming Xbox One, PS4, and PC co-op shooter, Evolve.

The Evolve "Happy Hunting" trailer is a mood setter for the four high-tech hunters versus one evolving monster game. While it doesn't feature gameplay, footage was captured using the in-game engine according to 2K Games. So you get to see four hunters make their way through an alien jungle unsure if they are the hunter or the hunted.

The trailer also features a cover of Danzig's "Mother" by Lissie which will be released to the wild on Feb. 18.

Evolve is currently scheduled to release to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC sometime during Fall 2014. This represents Turtle Rock's first major game release since it originally developed Left 4 Dead for Valve before being purchased and then later released. Development for Evolve began in 2011 under the THQ umbrella before rights to the game were picked up by 2K Games following THQ's bankruptcy.

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