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‘Evolve’ maps won’t favor monsters or hunters, confirms 2K

The rampaging Goliath.
The rampaging Goliath.
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission.

As we saw at PAX East, the levels of Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve are huge, and appropriately so. Even with the stark contrast of sizes between the monster and the hunters, 2K Games is confident that traversing the landscapes will be a fun experience.

While the developers were relatively tight lipped about other potential monsters, maps, and hunters, they've told us to expect more news at E3 next week. We couldn't help but wonder if each map would be as balanced as possible, giving both sides an equal chance at winning. Left 4 Dead was pretty fair in that aspect but there were certainly levels, or at the very least parts of maps, that favored either side.

Could we see something similar for Evolve? We asked 2K Games Executive Producer Danby Grace.

"No I don’t think so," Grace says. "Everything is designed to be equally balanced.

"The way the maps differ is obviously they look different, but also different maps come from different places on the planet. What you have is different wildlife sets," he continues, "and [that] wildlife can be interacted with differently between the hunters and the monsters."

"The maps are designed to be equally fair to the monster and the hunter player."

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