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'Evolve' interactive trailer lets you switch between each player perspective

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios released an interactive trailer for “Evolve” on Thursday. This new video depicts an entire match between the hunters and the monster and lets viewers switch between the perspective of all five characters to get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming PS4, Xbox One and PC shooter.

Viewers of the trailer can switch between six channels to view the entirety of an “Evolve” match from whichever perspective they choose: Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support, Val the Medic, the Goliath monster, or a sixth channel combining all five perspectives and featuring commentary by Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios.

The trailer reveals some of the early, mid and late game strategies that can be employed by both sides. Additionally, you can see at the five minute mark that not only do players have to deal with each other but some of the AI creatures are deadly dangerous as well.

Each character, both human and monster, will have unique abilities to aid them in their task. However, the monster can become stronger by killing smaller creatures before eventually reaching a cocoon-like stage before emerging as an even deadlier adversary.

While the human characters have all been revealed, the only version of the monster revealed so far has been the “Goliath”. It was featured at PAX East recently where Turtle Rock revealed that players will be able to assign points to different monster abilities to increase the variance in what the hunters should expect. The monster player could pour all of his points into fire-breathing and making it deadly to take on at a distance, for example, or go for a more balanced approach by investing points across fire-breathing, ground pounding, rock throwing and the other abilities.

The game definitely has a multiplayer bent but Turtle Rock Studios promises a single-player campaign. Specific details on what that entails will have to wait though.

“Evolve” is currently slated for release sometime during the third quarter of 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. That’s between the months of July and September.

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