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Evolve First Look! Be the hunters or be the hunter.

Players: 4 vs 1
Powered by: Turtle Rock Studios and 2k
Available on: XboxOne and PS4

Be the Boss and kill them all
Be the Boss and kill them all
Be the Boss Monster and kill them all

Hello Gamers! Team multiplayer shooters are what Turtle Rock Studios thrives at creating. They are responsible for bringing us the awesome Left 4 Dead series where your survival was dependent on you functioning as a team and looking out for one another. With that being said they introduce Evolve, a team based first person shooter with an awesome objective. You are a squad of 4 sent to a remote island to help clear out a massive monster infestation. There are 4 classes with each character having a unique ability to help the team. Trapper, Support, Assault, and Medic are the classes available.

The Trapper is responsible for tracking the boss monster and containing him. The Assault role is your tank and deals heavy damage. The Medic class has your healing abilities to keep your team alive and your Support class is a balance of attack and defense with ray buffs to improve your team stats and shields. The twist in this game comes in the boss monster, which is controlled by an actual player. There are several classes of boss monsters a player can choose from each with different abilities that will be released as we approach the game release date. This is definitely a boss character so it will take the entire team to defeat him and with the boss being player controlled the battles can become unpredictable.

Boss monsters can strategically stalk the hunters for surprise attacks or prepare to be discovered by the team. There are also many other creatures that will give the hunters something to kill on their search and the boss monster can feed on the other creatures allowing him to level up and become a greater force to reckon with. Stay tuned to see what develops with Evolve.

Tags: Evolve, Multiplayer, Boss Monster, Support, Turtle Rock

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