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'Evolve' enlists four new hunters and one map in new gameplay trailer

Turtle Rock Studios revealed four new hunters Friday for its upcoming 4 vs 1 shooter, “Evolve.” The PS4, Xbox One and PC title is already beginning to show its depth as each of the new characters and the new map shown in the new gameplay trailer provide new spins on the foundation established by the first four characters revealed.

'Evolve' New Hunters Screenshots (PS4, Xbox One, PC)-slide0
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

Maggie is the new Trapper and differs from the existing character from the class, Griffin, in that she has a companion pet named Daisy to help hunt down the monster. She can also set Harpoon traps in the ground to ensnare the monster and keep it from running away or attacking teammates.

Lazarus is the new Medic and, in a tip of the hat to his own name, he has the ability to bring teammates back from the dead. This makes Lazarus a critical piece on the field as all the player who is controlling the monster has to do is “kill” all four human players before any of them respawn to win the game. To help him from being singled out by the monster, Lazarus has the ability to turn invisible.

Hyde picks up the Assault class duty and is full of offensive capabilities such as a flame thrower and a chaingun. He’s able to get right up into the monster’s face or even draw it out of hiding spots with poison gas grenades.

Bucket the robot is the first non-human hunter and is a more aggressive spin on the support class than the already revealed Hank. He comes equipped with a rocket launcher and the ability to detach his head to serve as a flyable drone that can scout out and track the monster. He can also deploy sentry guns to help out his team versus the more defensive minded Hank who can generate a shield for his teammates.

Turtle Rock also revealed a new map called “The Dam.” It is a desert-type environment that has more vertical features than the previously revealed map, small caves and more aggressive wildlife. The wildlife isn’t just a hazard for the hunters though as the monster player will have to compete with the likes of Doom Beetles for food.

A new monster has not been revealed yet though Turtle Rock has teased it. Expect to see plenty more revealed for “Evolve” is released to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 21.

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