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Evolution Studios takes 1,000 pictures of each car for reference in 'DRIVECLUB'

Excited to drive?
Excited to drive?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Details, details, details. If you don't notice details, then you may not be able to fully appreciate the amount of work that developer Evolution Studios has put into each car in DRIVECLUB. It's not just a regurgitation of what they see in front of them. Evolution Studios brings a new level of detail that may not even be found when you sit inside of a car yourself.

Evolution Studios has been consistent with their message of attention to detail since it was first revealed during the PlayStation Conference in February of 2013. DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky elaborated on the level of detail the team puts into each of DRIVECLUB's vehicles.

"We start with reference material that is the same computer design data that the car manufacturer uses to create the actual cars in a factory, and we follow that up with a photo-shoot where our designers take around 1,000 photographs covering every square inch of the car, inside and out.

"We then build each car by hand, from scratch, building up all of the materials from the metal or carbon fiber chassis all the way up to layers of paint and colour-matched stitching on the steering wheel," Rustchynsky said.

As someone who can appreciate a developer's commitment to details and the more tedious aspects of development, it really does shine through in the overall product. When a company skimps on certain looks parts of a game, it's always noticeable and can take away from the overall enjoyment of playing a game. Evolution Studios' consistent message of being detail oriented is refreshing, especially for all car and racing enthusiasts.

It's been years in the making for the team at Evolution Studios and the time for launch is nearly here. When they can step away from work and admire their final product, it'll be quite the moment for the DRIVECLUB team. The industry will find out just what DRIVECLUB is when it launches exclusively for the PS4 on Oct. 7.

Thanks, Redbull!

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