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Evolution Studios 'not ashamed' they couldn't make 'DRIVECLUB' a PS4 launch game

Ready to drive?
Ready to drive?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Last year, DRIVECLUB was delayed, causing the game to miss the originally announced PS4 launch date. It was a difficult hit to take for both Sony and developer Evolution Studios, but it ultimately looks like it will be proving to be the right decision. There's no shame in that.

Now releasing on Oct. 7, DRIVECLUB is finally coming to the PS4. It'll be a great day for fans to finally get their hands on the last original PS4 launch title. DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talked a bit about the game's delay last year and how it just wasn't ready to be released.

"Trying to achieve all of that for the launch of PS4 turned out to be a little too ambitious for us and I’m not ashamed to admit that. It wasn’t as fluid or as seamless as it needed to be and so with Sony’s backing we agreed that we’d take the time to get it right rather than compromising on quality to rush it.

"The additional time has been used to raise the bar across the rest of the game, adding more cars and tracks and continuing to improve the visuals and refine the way that each and every car drives to get them all just right," Rustchynsky said.

Delaying a game is something we see happen fairly often in this industry. In fact, this year alone has seen more delays than any other in recent memory, but it's all for the sake of the product and consumer investment. DRIVECLUB's delay, like Watch Dogs, was probably one of the hardest decisions because it was scheduled to be a PS4 launch title. The prestige and honor of that is irreplaceable, but Evolution Studios is now in a better place with the game.

There are millions more PS4 owners than there were at launch last year, providing a deeper install base for DRIVECLUB to sell to. Companies eat the expenses of a delay, and in the case of DRIVECLUB it was nearly a full year for Sony. It absolutely seems like it will turn out to be a great decision for Sony, but we'll all find out just what DRIVECLUB is about when it launches on Oct. 7 exclusively for the PS4.

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