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Evolution Revolution Art Show: Animal Liberation Forum, March 12

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Evolution Revolution is a thought provoking discussion about Animal Liberation with some of the most notable Southern California based activists of this field. Presented as part of the Evolution Revolution exhibition, the forum includes:

  • Shelley Harrison (Chairperson, The Humane Party)

  • Debra Wilson (Actor "Avatar", Activist)

  • Shannon Keith (Uncaged Films)

  • Lorrie Houston (Founder, Animal Acres Sanctuary)

  • Carol Glasser (Research Director, Humane Research Council)

  • Denis Henry Hennelly (Producer, Open Road Films)

“Evolution/Revolution: the Interconnectedness of All Beings is a ground breaking, educational and socially conscious exhibition, which explores various aspects of animal welfare and the environment. Curated by Karen Fiorito, the show features the works of William Wegman, Robbie Conal, Sue Coe, Gee Vaucher, Peter Kuper, Yuri Shimojo, Emek, Cole Gerst, Jonathan Horowitz and Karen Fiorito.

The mission of this art exhibition and forum is to open new dialogues and explore human perceptions about nature and the environment, awakening and inviting people to make more conscious decisions about their food, clothing, furniture, lifestyle and pets. Evolution Revolution includes the art works of some of the most prominent artists in the field of animal rights and welfare.

Saturday, March 12, 3-5pm. @ Santa Monica Art Studios, Arena 1. Free with RSVP, which you get here:

Word has it that this event is getting a lot of attention from the Facebook crowd, and reservations are a MUST, if they are even available at all at this point.




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