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Evolution on PS4's 'DRIVECLUB': We've come a long way in multiplayer since PS3

Ready to drive?
Ready to drive?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Multiplayer has made amazing strides over the past decade and with co-op becoming a larger part of nearly every game that is made today, DRIVECLUB seems to be hitting a very popular note. Driving challenges in some racing games on PS3 would be simple one-on-one encounters with interchangeable variables, but now things are about to change.

DRIVECLUB is a multiplayer game at heart and is looking to deliver connectivity like no other game has before. DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talked about the game's connectivity on PS4 as well as how people who want that single player campaign will still have it.

"Connectivity is at the heart of DRIVECLUB, just like it’s at the heart of PS4. We want to bring you together with your friends so that you get more out of every race. It makes your victories sweeter when you know that your friends also get to know about it or be a part of it, so we’ve designed the game with this in mind.

"We’ve come a long way since the limited one-on-one challenge scenarios we used to play on PS3, and it’s going to play a big part in keeping the game lively and exciting for you for a long time.

"There’s a full single-player campaign called DRIVECLUB Tour which will give you plenty of challenging and exciting races against very sophisticated AI driver. So even if you never connect your PS4 to the internet, there’s plenty for you to do," Rustchynsky said.

Connectivity has been a major theme for the PS4 since it was introduced in February of last year, and the same can be said for DRIVECLUB. While there have been some transitions in the people leading development on the game, Evolution Studios has been consistent in their messaging to consumers.

Being consistent with what you're saying to potential buyers is a crucial part of player understanding. This game will probably be fun to play through on the single player campaign, but it will undoubtedly be best when you are playing online and with friends. DRIVECLUB is launching on Oct. 7 and will be available exclusively for the PS4.

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