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Evolution on PS4's DRIVECLUB: 'Rewards become bigger when more people' play

Ready for DRIVECLUB?
Ready for DRIVECLUB?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

DRIVECLUB is finally less than two months away from launching exclusively for the PS4. It's been a long road for the team at Evolution Studios, but they seem to be ready and confident in the game they've created.

In DRIVECLUB, multiplayer is an enormous point of focus and just because a race or challenge ends, doesn't mean the action stops. Jamie Brayshaw, who is a community development manager at Evolution Studios, talked a bit about the options people will have when they finish a racer in DRIVECLUB.

"When you do cross the finish line, you can start something new with your friends by creating a challenge. Who you include is up to you, but it pays to get as many drivers and clubs involved as possible, because the rewards become bigger when more people take part.

"You can even set up the challenge so that everyone involved can invite the drivers and clubs they want to join in, sparking new friendships and rivalries and giving your challenge the chance to go viral," Brayshaw said.

Racing with friends and competitors is the name of the game in DRIVECLUB, and you will clearly be rewarded for doing so. The idea of rivalries and how those will pop-up is certainly intriguing to hear about, but it'll be another thing to see the mechanic in action.

Often times in a racer, crossing the finish line first is the emphasis in a lot of modes. DRIVECLUB's mindset of rewarding players for accomplishments outside of finishing first fits perfectly, and quite frankly, it is a nice evolution to see from the racing genre, not pun-intended. Brayshaw detailed further what playing online with others will look like.

"It’s not just about crossing the finish line first – although that will net big rewards for you and your club – there’s a lot more to play for in every race. Earn big points for driving with flair or expert precision.

"Earn accolades for each of your cars and club. Try and beat face-offs for drifting, speeding and nailing the racing line. Everything you do earns you fame, which helps you unlock new cars and liveries for you and your club," Brayshaw said.

DRIVECLUB has been a long time coming for both Evolution Studios and the PS4. We are now less than two months away from DRIVECLUB's launch, and it'll be great to see the final product in action. Sony's next, major PS4 exclusive launches on Oct. 7.

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