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Evolution of Beyonce Slide Show

Driver roll up the partition please...” these are the lyrics from the hit song "Partition" from Beyonce's latest album. The song hints at multiple innuendos of wifely duties that even the Queen Bey has to succumb to inside of a limo. The entire album reflects feelings of her life as a wife, mother and as a woman.

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Mrs. Carter's masterpiece has received 8 MTV Music Award nominations. Not half bad for an album drop that was released with no marketing, no promotions, and no presale orders from iTunes.

Beyonce”, the self-titled album, was released in a way that no other mega pop star has been able to do successfully. Pushing all the hype to the wayside and pushing all those dollar bills back into her deep and well-tailored pockets.

The "Beyonce" album quietly appeared on iTunes the night of December 13, 2013, like a gift from the heavens. Making it strictly about the music and her fans aka The Beyhive.

This risky move shot Beyonce straight to the top of Forbes top 100 Celebrity list for 2014. Earning $2.4M per city with the Mrs. Carter tour along with selling more than 1 million copies of "Drunk in love", she beat out media mogul Oprah Winfrey that has been named #1 on the Forbes list in previous years.

Her 8 MTV Music Award nominations come well deserved and at a time where her music career has evolved from pop artist to a multidimensional artist.

Beyonce”, evoked a range of emotions and interpretations from fans, critics, and peers. The visual stimulation and audio arousal of this album put everyone in a trance with an ear-gasm. A fan or not, you could not help but to watch and listen to this artistry.

But the question is, will she win all eight awards? Probably not, being that her fellow musician peers such as Eminem, Iggy Azalea, and Pharrell fell slightly behind Bey with only 7 MTV Music Award nominations.

Like most of her fans, I expect Beyonce to walk away with at least 4, maybe 5 MTV Music Awards.

Let's hope that that security at the MTV Music Awards are on lock this year. The BEYHIVE does not want another Kanye award speech hi-jack in Beyonce’s honor. Remember the Taylor Swift 2009 MTV Music Awards speech fiasco?? Uh yeah, that was a hot mess. #bankimk'sbabydaddy

The MTV Music Awards will air August 24.

On the Run tour comes to the Dallas Ft. Worth July 22 @ AT&T Stadium.

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