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Evolution and salvation

Since the 1800's when evolution was first devised as a theory of the origin of life, it has seen more changes than diapers on a baby. Every year they " discover" something new that changes their whole outlook about life and how it started. The location of where man first originated changes, how he looked when he lived, his diet, and his every day existence are always subjected to changes. When skeletal remains are found, they treat them as objects rather than people. The respect that is shown to the bones is not the same as they would be if they were their own family.

It is true that we know very little about them, and it is also true that we do not know anything about any religious beliefs they might have had. This we do know, at least by who those are more knowledgeable about life; God created these people. They may have worshiped Him during their life time. They may even be looking down from Heaven right now, laughing at the idea they were precursors to modern man. I am sure if I was one of them, I wouldn't like the idea they think that I was a million years older that what I was; or the fact that I might have looked uglier than I really did. Evolution has degraded life, as well as our intelligence.

I am totally convinced that these "cave people" knew more than we give them credit. These people knew about creation, about the God that gave them life, and about salvation. If evolution had a salvation message, scientists are ignoring it because they do not believe in God. Until the time that man sinned, God came down and walked around and talked with Adam and Eve, the first known " married couple". They would pass down the history of creation and man from generation to generation verbally, then in written form. They passed down the promises of God about salvation to future generations, as well being grandfathered in if they lived a holy life. Evolution has no such message, or promise.

Evolution and salvation is not a mix, much like water and oil. No matter how much you stir, you will still have water and oil separated. Creationism and salvation does mix, however. You can shake, stir, or blend the two and you will still have one solution. That is the wonderful thing about God. You can not separate the spiritual from the physical, no matter how hard you try. If you do not have knowledge that there is life after this, and that there is a God that created you and the life around; and if you do not have the comfort that you can live eternally after you leave this earth, then why not take the time to search your heart. Seek out the help of someone you know that is a believer, and ask them how you, too, can have eternal life. If you do not know anyone who is, then you can do the simple step that I can lead through. First, ask God to forgive you of your sins, then ask Him ( Jesus) to come into your heart and life and make you a new person. God is faithful and just, and he will do what he has promised so many years ago. If you believe in your heart that God is God, and He sent sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins, and that Jesus was raised from the dead; then He in His mighty love will save you from a spiritual death.

Evolution cannot give you that promise. Evolution cannot save you. Evolution cannot give you eternal life. Evolution and salvation is not compatible with each other. Creationism and salvation is. Seek and you shall find the answer to all life's questions.

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