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Evo warm up tournament results from Insomnia

Winner of Insomnia's USF4 tournament, BrolyLegs
Winner of Insomnia's USF4 tournament, BrolyLegs
Insomnia VGC

Evolution 2014, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, is less than a week away. With news of great players coming from all over the country and internationally, local players looked to get in some last minute practice before the big event. While I was at Game Over Video Games getting beat down in MvC2, InsomniaVGC hosted tournaments for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Though it was mostly a local Houston affair, many of the top players around town showed up with the exception of Scrubeks. Terry Bogard(2nd at Curleh Mustache South), Jan Del Rio(3rd at Texas Showdown), Gene Flowers, Stone Nguyen, and JDoge were the top contenders in the 17 player bracket. All 5 of the players advanced to the quarterfinals of the winners bracket, there Terry faced JDoge, and it ended up in a lopsided 3-0 victory for Terry. He would go on to defeat Stone in the semifinals in a much closer 3-2 set. In the other semi, Gene faced Jan and went down to the wire with Gene advancing 3-2. Terry then downed Gene 3-2 in the winners final. Jan would knock out Stone in the 4th place match in another tight 3-2 set, but then fell to Gene once again 3-0 in the fight for 3rd. In the grand finals, Terry would once again eek out a 3-2 victory over Gene in the first set and take the title.

USF4 saw a much larger bracket filled with 54 players from all over Houston. From Display Lag's duo of Adeel "FourWude" Soomro and Hamad "MVP" Akbar, to local threats Nytemare Raven, Hunted Chimera, Bagels, Synx, BrolyLegs, Chief, Winchester, BeastChan23, Sylint, UMvC3 players Gene, Stone and Jan, and even MK players KH Cat and KH Mattix. Adeel would storm to the winners quarterfinal, taking down ICG Red Velvet and Sylint. There he met Gene who had taken out Steven Universe, 3nigmatic, and Chief. Still having issues against Elena, Adeel would go on to lose in an upset to Gene. On the other section of their half of the draw, Jan took out Assan Chop and Winchester in order to face Hunted Chimera, who had just defeated Michael B and PHS Juices. Chimera would go on to sweep Jan and face Gene for a shot in the winners final. Gene's Elena continued to roll, as he defeated Chimera 2-0.

On the other half of the bracket, Broly beat David T and Bagels to wait in the quarterfinals. There he met Nytemare Raven who scored wins over Stone and BeastChan. Broly would go on to defeat Raven 2-0. The other section of their half saw Hamad defeated Raich and Last Blade to advance to the quarterfinals. Synx also advanced by defeating PHS Dumpling and Josh J. He would then go on to sweep Hamad to advance to the semifinals. In the semis, both Broly and Gene swept their opponents, Synx and Chimera respectively. Broly then took down Gene 3-1 to advance to the grand finals.

In the losers bracket, PHS Juices, BeastChan23, Chief and 3nigmatic made strong runs to crack the top 10, but would all lose to quarterfinalists in the 9th place matches. Raven would go on to eliminate Hamad in 7th place, before falling to Chimera and end up 5th. Jan would go on to romp past Adeel(7th tie), Synx(5th tie), Chimera(4th), and Gene(3rd), to face BrolyLegs in the grand finals. After falling behind 2-0, Jan decided to switch from Hugo to T. Hawk and stormed back to win the next two games. But Broly proved to be too strong, and held it down with his Chun-Li to take home the crown! Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in Vegas!