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Evo Morales signed by first division side

The headline would sound like something off of a gag routine. The ministry of communication announced on Thursday night that the Bolivian president was signed as a player for first division side Sport Boys Warnes. The president is a honorary member of the club and he was treated with this consideration after being signed to be a player on the squad starting next season.

Evo Morales is signed by a first division side
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to a report from Radio Panamericana, the news of this "transaction" was confirmed by journalist David Silva who spoke to Sport Boys president Mario Cronenbold. In that discussion, Cronenbold mentioned that there was only one form missing that the club needed to turn in so that the president could be on the roster beginning next semester. He will also have the number 10 jersey reserved for him. That tournament would begin immediately after the World Cup. Morales would be ineligible to play this semester as there are only two rounds left to play.

Morales, 54, is a rabid football fan as well as an avid player of the Beautiful Game. His skills as a player have led to him being called "the best footballer amongst all the heads of state"by World Bank president Jim Yong Kim during a visit to Bolivia in July of last year. Despite his controversial measures and political line similar to other neo-populist regimes currently in place, he always has had a penchant for finding time to play football. Sometimes he's used his love for the game as a potential diplomatic outlet. One example was when he and his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos played in a match alongside some former Colombian internationals back in 2012.

On the football pitch, he's also seen some not-so diplomatic moments, such as when he kicked a player after taking a knock from him.

The club is scheduled to make an official announcement on Friday. The news comes just hours after Club Bolívar became the first team from Bolivia to reach the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores in 28 years. This is after the club owned by magnate and partner with David Beckham in the upcoming Miami MLS franchise, Marcelo Claure, defeated Argentine side Lanús 1-0 at the Estadio Hernando Siles in La Paz.

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