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Evil Pawn Jewelry


             Black lace drips off of brooches, black beads wrap down head to toe, ruby kisses, skull cameos on rings.  Faith Evangline of Evil Pawn jewelry looks like a rock star.  Heavily tattooed by Whispering Danny of Exile Tattoo, she wears and designs gothic jewelry like no one can.  “Evil Pawn is sold online and in 27 stores, tattoo shops, and salons in the United States.”

Evangeline says the name is meant to be evil plot in a story.  “Catchy name, Evil Pawn,” she says, “No one in their right mind would name a jewelry company that... except me!”

            Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  “The Caroline Necklace and The Emily Necklaces are both marked down,” Evangeline says, “and I have several items under $30 but only through the V-day weekend.” The Caroline is Evil Pawn's personal Amulet against bad self image, with black faceted jet glass and metal. “This is a bold heavy piece and made in black to represent the dark side of you,” Evangeline says.

Created in 2005, Evil Pawn became a jewelry company that, for her, is a family trade.  Her teacher trained her in traditional Native American style and as a bench jeweler.  Designing alone is how Evangeline prefers.  “I use designing and creating as a way to filter thoughts and release energy,” Evangeline says, “A process better done solo!”

            Fans are diverse.  “Women. Men. People. The Evil Pawn Client is not interested in jewelry that was made to sell right off the conveyor belt,” Evangeline describes.  “My Clients have always enjoyed limited editions keepsakes to be worn and loved, passed down and treasured.”

            Her future plans for this summer will be two pieces with turquoise, constructing three pink pieces for breast cancer awareness, and a large ruby red ring. “I love that black can go anyway on anything, even on black,” Evangeline says.  “The absence of color gives you permission to do whatever it is you want.”

            Her designs are pure metal creations.  “The designs are usually something I create from a personal experience or thought process I'm on,” Evangeline describes.  “Things, places, and people inspire me so much more than design and guidelines.”  She uses her past for inspiration.

Evil Pawn’s creative process is a struggle.  “When I say struggle, I mean reflecting to others what you mean, a manifestation of a thought in tangible form,” says Evangeline, “translating a thought into an adornment can go either way.”  She makes every single sample piece through the design, the sketch, the wax, etc.  “Some adornments I will make 30 by hand and not ever do it again for years,” Evangeline boasts, “Some I bring back in a year; some in 5.”


  • Tiffany 5 years ago

    Evil Pawn Jewelry is amazing! I wear my long Cameo necklace pretty much every single day. My other pieces I coordinate with different outfits. All her black pieces look great with solid colors shirts. I wear my EPJ to work and school and get tons of compliments. I would recommend Evil Pawn Jewelry to anyone who wants to step up their style :)

  • Crystal 5 years ago

    Evil pawn jewelry is almost as cheap, fake, and tacky as that girl who runs it. All that glitters isn't gold - I mean the jewelry and the owner. I'll be impressed when I see one thing that I can't get at Claire's or Target around Halloween.

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