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'Evil Kin' episodes: Investigation Discovery show

Evil Kin: Investigaiton Discovery
Evil Kin: Investigaiton Discovery
Investigation Disovery promo

"Evil Kin" is a true-crime show that first aired on the Investigation Discovery channel in August 2013, according to South Coast Today. "Evil Kin" tells the stories of family members who have been brutally murdered by a "black sheep" member of the family. Produced by Siren's Media, "Evil Kin" will feature interviews by crime experts, journalists and members of the victim's family. Below is an "Evil Kin" episode guide. The list will continue to be expanded.

Season 1

"Evil Kin: Deadly Darlings": When firefighters and police respond to a fire, they find a man dead on his living room couch. What seems like a clear-cut case of death by fire, soon reveals that the man was beaten to death, and his darling teenage sons may know more about the crime than they let on. Case: Involves the murder of Terry King and his sons, Derek King and Alex King. Convicted pedophile Ricky Chavis is also featured.

"Evil Kin: The Evil Inside": When a low class criminal family moves into an area of Charleston, their neighbors hate to see them coming. But, after an elderly neighbor is found dead in a nearby home, a red-haired 14-year-old boy becomes the prime suspect. Case: Thomas Mallo and the murder of Phyllis Jean Phares.

"Evil Kin: Home Is Where The Hate Is": When a problem teenage girl is sent to live with her dad in another state, resentment for her mother builds. Her return to her mother's home many years later, will prove fatal for the elderly mother. Case: Delores Eggert and the murder of her mother, Pauline Devor.