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‘Scrap Squad’ coming to iOS and Android

Evil Genius: Scrap Squad
Evil Genius: Scrap Squad
Relevant Games

Relevant Games and Hazard Studios today unveiled their upcoming action-puzzle title, “Scrap Squad”, for iOS and Android devices.

“Scrap Squad” will have players taking on the role of a mad scientist, out for world domination by making use of the world’s garbage. By collecting and matching up various types of recyclables, players will earn funds, which can then be used to buy upgrades for your collection of helper robots as well as fixing up your lair, making you the envy of mad scientists everywhere. As players advance, the trash treadmill will speed up, challenging the player and their army of robots to become quicker and more efficient, making those upgrades even more important.

Object matching game fans can look for “Scrap Squad” on their iOS and Android devices this March. To learn more about the Hazard Studios developed game you can visit the official page.