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‘Evil Dead - the Musical’ director Christopher Bond dishes on demons

The undead will invade Cleveland, OH on October 21 and 22, 2014 as “Evil Dead – The Musical” (EDTM) takes over the Ohio Theatre at PlayhouseSquare. Based on Sam Raimi’s popular "Evil Dead" film franchise, EDTM takes us on a hike into nature where five college students unintentionally unleash a demonic force while on a weekend vacation at a “Cabin in the Woods”.

Evil Dead - the Musical
Evil Dead - the Musical
Evil Dead - the Musical
Evil Dead - The Musical
Evil Dead - The Musical

According the press release, “In addition to some dismembered limbs, demons telling bad jokes and catchy tunes (“Look Who’s Evil Now”, “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons”), the show features a saucy combination of wit and sexual innuendo that keeps audiences laughing out loud.”

Recently, EDTM director and co-writer Christopher Bond shared his thoughts with Kate Miller on what the horror hype is all about

Kate Miller: Chris, you've been involved with “Evil Dead - the Musical” (EDTM) since 2002, and have also co-written and directed the stage version of George A. Romero’s "Night of the Living Dead Live" - when did your zombie fascination start? Have you always been into the genre?

Christopher Bond: I was actually a huge wuss growing up. I was scared of everything. Roller coasters, horror movies, bugs, you name it. It was actually “Evil Dead” that got me into the genre. Now I’m a genre junky.

KM: What do you believe is the public's fascination with zombies? With stories that date back to the “Epic of Gilgamesh” and current hit entertainment like “The Walking Dead”, how and why do you think the myth has survived so long?

CB: I think people gravitate to Zombies because there is a zombie for everyone. Zombies are flexible. First of all, there is always a threat of a zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s caused by toxic waste, or radiation, perhaps a medical experiment gone wrong, or even for supernatural reasons, the zombie form seems be limitless with its possibilities. They can be manic super fast zombies or the sluggish slow stalkers. They can have varying appetites, whether it’s flesh or brains or whatever tickles their fancy. Moreover, you or the ones you love can become them. Endless possibilities, endless storyline potential, endless fun. I would say that the best deadites are the ones that sing and dance like ours.

KM: What's your favorite song from EDTM?
CB: “What the F^&* Was That” will always be near and dear to my heart. I think the title really says exactly what we are all thinking the first time we see a demonic vessel of Satan sing and tap dance.

KM: What's your favorite special effect moment from EDTM?
CB: Without giving anything away, I will tell the audience that we have a special area called the Splatter Zone and that section of the audience will get covered in... well, let’s just say it’s a pretty interactive area. We have a huge showdown at the end of the show that is spectacular and involves the world famous Splatter Zone. But rest assured, there are plenty of non-splatter seats available for fans who would rather witness the mayhem instead of being in the thick of it.

KM: Can you give us a scoop on how your blood is made?
CB: Nope. But I will give you these clues. It’s not real. It’s edible and it doesn’t stain your clothes.

KM: Including cast, musicians, tech, management, etc., how many people are on your tour?
CB: We have a cast of 9 and about 6 technicians travelling with the show to make all the magic on stage.

KM: How long does it take the cast to make their zombie transformations?
CB: Audiences will have to come and witness the transformations themselves. EDTM is the most awesome 2 hours of hilarious musical magic you will ever see in any theater. Although the title is misleading, this show promises to leave you in stitches... from the jokes... not the chainsaw.

KM: And if you needed to defend yourself against a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice and why?
CB: An array of catchy songs and plenty of bad zombie puns.

“Evil Dead – The Musical” plays the Ohio Theatre at PlayhouseSquare October 21 and 22, 2014. Tickets can be purchased by calling 216-241-6000 or visiting Interested in the Splatter Zone? Rows A-D will get drenched with fake blood from the onstage chaos. You can also choose to sit in “dry” seating and admire the pandemonium on stage, not on your clothes.

This isn’t the first time that EDTM has been to the area. For a look back at a promo story for the 2009 run of EDMT at the Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood, click here!

AND if you can't get enough zombies, there's talk of Sam Raimi creating an "Evil Dead" TV series. See Related Video off to the left, between the Evil Dead Related Photo links.


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