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'Evil Dead' alive and kicking: TV series to reunite Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell

San Diego Comic-Con traditionally delivers a bevy of awesomeness, and 2014 was no exception. Arguably the most surprising announcement was that of an “Evil Dead” television series. Reports indicate that Sam Rami, the legendary director behind the original blood-soaked clamation fest, will once again team up with now cult icon Bruce Campbell. Campbell starred as the “Evil Dead” trilogy’s ill-fated protagonist, Ash Williams.

'Evil Dead' 1981 movie poster

1981 saw the release of “The Evil Dead,” now considered a classic in the “so-bad-it’s-good” category. Lovably cheesy, it received a sequel six years later, “Evil Dead II,” followed by “Army of Darkness” in 1992. While “The Evil Dead” employed humor, its two sequels blossomed into full on camp. In 2013, director Fede Alvarez released a reboot of the franchise, appropriately titled “Evil Dead.” As the first “Evil Dead” entry absent of Raimi or Campbell, the future of the series remained unknown. A post-credits sequence did however feature Campbell uttering his trademark “Groovy!”

If an “Evil Dead” series comes to fruition, (and should it feature Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, let’s hope it does), it will mark yet another film turned TV series. 2014 saw a massively successful run of FX’s “Fargo,” inspired by the Coen Brothers flick of the same name. NBC’s “Hannibal” completed a successful sophomore run, based on the Thomas Harris series and accompanying movies. A 2014 adaptation of “Rosemary’s Baby,” debuted on NBC as well, derived from the Ira Levin novel and famously breathed onto the big-screen by Roman Polanski.

A Raimi-Campbell reunion certainly seems to provide hope for the tentative series. The pairing delivered the still celebrated “Evil Dead” trilogy, creating a cult icon for generations. Would an “Evil Dead” television series be groovy, giving us our weekly sugar, or does this idea deserve the boomstick? Chime in and spark the discussion with a comment below!

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