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Evie Archer scores with her latest Life in Sand

Evie Archer is an up and coming artist who is taking the country by storm with her latest musical release. Unlike Jersey Shore, Archer's music is something that her fellow New Jersey residents can be proud of. Check out this article regarding her recent Christmas single.

Life in Sand is a powerful statement reflecting on life and love
Life in Sand is a powerful statement reflecting on life and love
photo courtesy of Evie Archer, used by permission
Evie Archer has released her new album Life in Sand
photo compliments of, used by permission

Archer, a New Jersey native, found that music came to her instinctively. Describing songwriting as a “compulsion,” Archer’s path was an indirect journey, broken up by bouts of self-doubt. But once her goal was clear, everything fell into place.

The results are evident in her debut CD Life In Sand, which combines expert pop craft with raw emotional candor. Inspired by female singer-songwriters like Carly Simon, Carole King, Alanis Morrisette, Rachel Yamagata, and Fiona Apple, Archer began working with producer Martin Briley (Shinedown) on her own album.

Later, producer Gary Katz (Steely Dan) entered the scene. Katz co-produced a version of Evie’s song Bad Behavior and produced the single On Christmas Day, an L.A. Music Critic Award's Best Holiday Video of 2013 nominee. Katz says, “Every once in a while an artist comes along whose music separates them from the crowd. Evie Archer is one of these artists."

The music video for her current single Close to You is attached to this article.

Love and its various stages seems to be the prevalent theme, as Archer takes us on a roller coast ride through the various emotional highs and lows of the one thing we all crave for in this life, to love and to be loved.

Archer hits the ground running with Bad Behavior, the powerful track 1 that is ready for worldwide radio domination. It is a dynamic rocker with a great beat and message, seasoned with the special qualities of Archer's voice, almost like the 17 herbs and spices that make Kentucky Fried Chicken so special. It reminds me of Kelly Clarkson's Dark Side, and reminds us that while bad behavior may be enticing and tempting, it is not worth the consequences.

The strongest tracks on the album are Bad Behavior, Close to You, Face the Facts and Life in Sand. Archer pours her heart out and you can hear it in the lyrics, the aching tone in her vocals, and in the emotional dynamic of each song.

Life in Sand is a reflective record, and I strongly advise keeping a box of Kleenex handy when listening. Archer's music has a way of reaching deep down into the heart of every listener as she reminds us all of the power of love. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and listen, and be deeply moved by the power of the music and lyrics of Evie Archer. With any luck, you just might find that kernal of truth that unlocks your quest for true love.

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