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"Evidence" of the Big Bang apparently not so evident

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy IV
Center of the Milky Way Galaxy IV
NASA via Wikipedia

Remember back in March how Harvard researchers claimed that they had found the "smoking gun" that pointed to proof of the Big Bang Explosion? [] Researchers reported the first detection of ripples in space time, or primordial gravitational waves, hailing from the "early universe."

Science and academia hailed it as the discovery of the century, leading experts to scoff and snear at those who believe in Creation or Intelligent Design.

Now, they're not so sure of their findings.

Colin Bischoff of Harvard University says, "We still maintain that out data favor a cosmological origin of the signal over a dust origin, but it's not as strong." []

Newsweek says that, "it has now become clear that it will take at least until October before scientists have a chance to amass enough evidence to prove out their extraordinary theory. Only then will we find out if that cosmic bombshell truly is worthy of a clutch of Nobel prizes, as global headlines claimed a few months ago, or if it was a damp squib. Whatever happens, however, the saga has revealed a profound challenge facing theorists attempting to chart the origin, evolution and future of the universe."

Still, should Christians see this as troubling? Or proof in the theory of Creation?

Lenny Esposito writes at Come Reason Ministries, "All in all, the concept of a big bang type creation event shouldn't trouble Christians too much. While specifics such as the nature of the creation, if it was guided intelligently, and other points should be discussed vigorously and the Christian position defended, the main idea of the universe coming into existence a finite time ago is actually a huge concession on the part of modern science - ground that the scientists for a long time did not want to give up."

Leslie Wickman, director of the Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University, said "evidence for the big bang, in general, tells us that there was a beginning," and "if there was a beginning, by the simple logic of cause and effect, there had to be a beginner." [Christian Post]

Professor Nathan Aviezer, physics professor at Bar Ilan University said of the Big Bang, “Without addressing who or what caused it, the mechanics of the creation process in the Big Bang match the Genesis story perfectly. If I had to make up a theory to match the first passages in Genesis, the Big Bang theory would be it.” [World Net Daily]

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