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Evidence Law of Attraction Works From a Child

An image much like this was on one girl's vision board on Google images

Law of Attraction is often touted as a scam or that it doesn't work, as result of all of the apparent mixed results from those that "tried" to follow the procedures outlined in the book and movie, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.

As a result of using the techniques and protocol with un-waivering faith, one young lady achieved her dream, to get a dog. My daughter, now 9, has been thinking about owning a dog for as long as I can remember. She often talked about wanting to get a dog. Often, that would be all she would talk about. Most definitely, it was something she thought about most of the time.

She had a vision board of a dog that she saw everyday and a dream book with images of dogs inside. She had deep emotional desire to have a dog. I know, that was often, all she would talk about.

I knew I wasn't going to be getting a dog any time soon. Although I love animals, I know that my current home and lifestyle isn't congruent to caring for and raising a pet. I expected she would get her pet, but suspected that it may not happen until she is much older.

To my amazement, she called me from her dad's not too long ago to let me know that they adopted, not one dog, but two! Even more incredible was how much, from the pictures she sent me, they resembled the dogs she had on her vision board and in her dream book.

The lesson: we can all have anything that we desire, if we want it enough! How it will happen doesn't matter. Keep on thinking about it and feeling confident that it is going to happen. When you least expect it, Law of Attraction will kick in and that is when the magic will happen to make it a reality!

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