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Evidence is mounting against Biden's statements on Benghazi

As more and more evidence and testimony comes to light, it seems that President Obama and Vice President Biden have not been completely honest about the tragic attacks in Benghazi. Stating for some time after the attack that it was protesters angered about an online video, it seems that was not completely true. While they have begun to admit that it was a coordinated and planned attack by terrorists, they hold on to the claim that they didn't know this, but do the facts add up to their claims.

An armed insurgent in the American Embassy in Lybia.
An armed insurgent in the American Embassy in Lybia.
CNN Report speculating that we knew of imminent attacks in Lybia

"We weren't told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there," said Joe Biden during the Vice Presidential debate, but the evidence doesn't support this claim. It has now come to light that there were multiple requests for more security that went through the State Department that where denied. Saying that they didn't know means either that there is a serious breakdown in communication within our government, or they are trying to hide the truth about knowing in the first place. Either way, it leaves little comfort for many Americans.

It has also become known that intelligence agencies witnessed the attacks live, via security cameras at the consulate, and that the report showed the attacks were planned within twenty-four hours of the event. If this is the case, how could the administration not known about the attacks until recently? Many Americans are now asking why we weren't told sooner and why the administration claimed it was a protest due to an almost unheard of internet video. The original facts didn't really add up to many, and the idea of an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 is something many people expect every year.

With evidence and sworn statements piling up against the administration, it seems the scandal may be brewing just in time for the elections. There is still much speculation as more information is released as to whom in the administration played what role. With even the New York Times reporting similar information on the issue, the outcome of this looks bleak for the Obama White House.


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