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Evian Presents 'Live Young Skate On' at Collins Park in Miami Beach!

Evian's 'Live young, Skate On' 2012
Evian's 'Live young, Skate On' 2012

This event is free to the public and sounds like a great day! It is a pop-up roller skating party for the public in Miami Beach where evian will attempt to set the record for world’s longest roller-skating conga line!

On Saturday, April 7th, Evian will launch Live Young, Skate On!, motivating the community to hydrate and have fun in celebration of World Health Day. Evian is prompting the South Florida community to participate in setting the world record for the longest conga line on roller skates.

Evian will surprise the city of Miami by staging a pop-up roller-skating rink in Collins Park, Miami Beach, featuring four-wheel rental station and producing the city’s first outdoor roller-skating party.

Governing body RecordSetter World Records will be on hand to adjudicate the record breaking activity, assisting Evian to rally over 250 participants to claim this unique title, along with a few other smaller records.

Jam skaters Tony Zane, Diamond Walker and Brandon Perea as seen on "America's Best Dance Crew" and "America's Got Talent” and other surprise entertainment. There has to be great music for this event, that is a given with roller skating action. This link will take you to a taste of the 'mix' created just for this event:

Makes me want to put my skates on a go, sounds like a lot of fun!

Evian is attempting to inspire people to exercise and hydrate, as both are healthy for the body and what better way to get a point across than an outside roller rink with star skaters and live entertainment?

Inspiring different cities to adopt its Live young philosophy, evian will unveil several health & wellness related activations throughout 2012. The brand will be popping up in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City this summer, spritzing its youthful
spirit across the U.S.

WHAT: 'Live Young, Skate On'
Saturday, April 7, 2012 (no time listed)
Collins Park
Collins Avenue and 21st Street
Miami Beach, FL

This is a link to RSVP via Facebook, hopefully a time is provided:

Follow Evian on Facebook:


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