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2014 Winter Olympics

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Evgeni Plushenko reminds fans he is a champion in Olympic figure skating

Evgeni Plushenko
Evgeni Plushenko
Yuri Kadobnove - Getty Images

When Evgeni Plushenko hit the ice in Sochi the arena erupted into cheers. The crowd at the Iceberg Skating Palace offered the excitement to the man who is a three-time Olympic medalist and going for his fourth. While the Olympic team competition was more about the Russian skaters, it was a joyous moment in Sochi when the star of the country arrived to skate the men’s short program for the inaugural Olympic team competition. According to the Washington Post on Thursday, Evgeni Plushenko was dramatic on the ice and gave a strong performance.

Evgeni Plushenko is 31, but the skater appears to be in his prime. Focused and dedicated, he offered a clean program and shared his enthusiasm after the performance by acknowledging the crowd like a super star. Performing to Tango de Roxanne from the movie Moulin Rouge the routine seemed to be flawless.

While Evgeni Plushenko’s performance for the men’s short program was solid, it was edged out by Japan. The tight competition of the new event has everyone looking at how the athletes come together for the team in Plushenko’s case, he might be an exceptional individual performer (which is still yet to come,) but he is solid athlete for Team Russia too and he offered a strong short program.